#clearedtoland – Learn from female pilots
Your consulting agency in Zurich

#clearedtoland is your crew of experts who transfer knowledge and tools from the cockpit and aviation industry to other areas.
For your professional and personal “precision landing”.

#clearedtoland applies pilot routines in other professional and personal areas.
We focus on the following skills:

  • Communicate clearly
  • Act with leadership strength
  • Navigate target-oriented
  • Land projects successfully
  • Strengthen positive mindset

Our experts from the world of aviation offer their expertise as trainers, coaches and consultants for groups, teams and team events as well as for individuals. As „Glamrockband of Aviation“ we are also rocking the stages as keynote speakers.

With us you will gain stronger focus and leadership quality as well as useful tools for crisis and change management. In addition, strengthen your confidence in your own abilities. For your business and private life.

We inspire and enable you to the mindset „I am cleared to land“.

Our consulting agency is based on the #clearedtoland success principle with the 8 core points developed by us.

#clearedtoland success principle

#clearedtoland Online workshop (in German)

Leadership & Management:

Learn From Female Pilots – navigate successfully through the crisis.

November, 13th, 2020
from 08:30 Uhr to 12:30
Online via Zoom

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#clearedtoland stands for an extraordinary consulting agency from Zurich

Benefit from our extensive knowledge and our experience from aviation, management and corporate environment. Be your own «pilot in command» and train your skills in a flight simulator.

Each of our offers is based on the #clearedtoland success principle with the 8 core points (Link „Über uns“). Our workshop offers and keynotes will be customized to your needs and the focus adjusted according to your questions and starting position.

Is there a current challenge that is causing turbulences in your company and that you would like to focus on in the workshop?
No problem. We extend our offer modularly with additional packages.

Contact us for a non-binding offer.

Workshop oder Teamevent mit einem Flugsimulator in Zürich mit #clearedtoland


  • Self-Leadership & self-empowerment
  • Team development / team events
  • Personal development
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Impulsreferat von Pilotinnen an einer Veranstaltung


  • From flight plan to debriefing
  • Resilience & self-empowerment
  • #clearedtoland principle of success
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  • Leadership
  • Team development
  • Change management
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  • Business coaching
  • Burnout coaching
  • Compatibility family & work
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Runway 34: Our homebase with flight simulator in Zurich

For our workshops you come to us or we come to you. In our homebase in the restaurant Runway 34 with SIM Academy in Zurich-Glattbrugg we conduct our workshops and train in the flight simulator. It is also perfectly suitable for team events.

Are you cleared to land?

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News from #clearedtoland

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Our passengers: Why you have come to the right agency and what our customers and aviation fans say about #clearedtoland


Your precision landing: Knowledge and tools from aviation

We pass on useful knowledge from the exciting world of aviation in our workshops and keynotes based on our #clearedtoland success principle. You can instantly use those skills in a pragmatic and efficient way in your professional and private life:

  • Act with strong leadership skills
  • Prioritize correctly
  • Overcome personal blockades
  • Deal with pressure and apply stress management
  • Communicate clearly
  • Focus on strengths and self-management
  • Train mental fitness and self-efficiency
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We convey the mindset: » I am cleared to land «