Advisory Board

The #clearedtoland Network: Strong support from our advisory board

Our Advisory Board sits with us in the strategic cockpit and helps us refine our offer. We form a strong network with our partners and cultivate a regular exchange of ideas and experience. 

Jutta Schilling puts great emphasis on the individual human being. She has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in recruiting, leadership and business administration. After completing her degree as a tourism specialist, Jutta Schilling attended various further trainings in human resource management as well as leadership. She also gained a master degree in human capital management. 

Jutta Schilling has been working at Humanis AG in the Zurich Prime Tower since 2015. In 2018 she became a member of the Executive Board and led the consultants in the competence teams Executive Assistance, Digital, Human Resources and Finance & Controlling. In January 2020 she was promoted to Managing Director and has been responsible for the management of Humanis AG since then. In addition to her management duties, she recruits qualified executive assistants for her clients at management level. The establishment of the new competence area “executive assistance” with a focus on the placement of executive assistants was Jutta’s idea, which she has been implementing extremely successfully together with Humanis AG since 2015 with great pleasure and passion.

For 18 years, she had been working for one of the world’s largest IT providers in Switzerland, where she occupied various management positions and worked as a strategic HR business partner as well as a manager of the talent management. Previously, she worked in the management of a mid-sized company in the field of sales and marketing for five years. In that position, she was responsible for development and management of new line organizations as well as for HR projects. Due to her fascinating and extensive field of activity in various trades as well as national and international companies Jutta has accumulated an in-depth understanding and knowledge of leadership issues, talent management, personnel development and change management. Her defined strengths are her enthusiasm, her joined-up thinking, her extraordinary creativity in solution finding processes as well as in developing new concepts – all of which result in a successful and sustainable success.  Her personal motto: „like it – change it – or leave it”.

Expert in Leadership
Talent Management and Change Management
Advisory Counsel #clearedtoland 

Born in Portugal and raised in Switzerland Andreia realized early on that two cultures were not enough for her. As part of her studies in International Management at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Andreia spent a part of her education and internship experience in Israel and Thailand. She also volunteered in a refugee camp in Idomeni at the Greek-Macedonian border.

After several engagements in international consulting Andreia completed her knowledge with an MBA-degree from the University of St. Gallen and ESADE Barcelona – a strong thrust for her career towards strategy and leadership. She was responsible for the global product management of a medtech start-up company until she founded her own sustainable business. In addition, she helped to build and establish a Swiss foundation as Managing Director.

With her own consulting firm SEABRAND she advises and coaches companies worldwide in five languages in topics such as strategy, leadership and marketing. She is also an advisory board member and lecturer at several business schools.

As a mother of an infant daughter, Andreia does not miss her time as a frequent flyer. She does, however, still enjoy travelling very much. Her motto: Know more countries than she counts years of age.

Entrepreneur and Coach
Advisory Counsel  #clearedtoland

An aviation employee with an Executive MBA, Urs Brütsch joined the newly founded and listed Flughafen Zürich AG in 2000 as a member of the management team after many years of experience in the aviation, tourism and hotel industries. He was Head of the Cargo Infrastructure respectively Utilization Planning department in Real Estate Management and was thereafter responsible for Zurich Airport’s marketing strategy, which was developed entirely from scratch. His new and creative approaches received various industry awards and led to a sustainable positioning of Zurich Airport at both national and international level. From 2008, Urs managed all international activities of Flughafen Zürich AG with board mandates in foreign subsidiaries.

Urs’ backpack is richly filled with experience from complex problems in the environment of start-ups, SMEs, cooperatives, foundations up to listed companies. He has developed internationally recognized partnerships and alliances from scratch, with the goal of sustainable solutions in a strategically sensible cost-benefit ratio. He was also heavily involved in managing the Swiss aviation crisis following the grounding of the home carrier.

Urs has profound experience in the service sector at the interface between the private and public sectors and is familiar with topics such as business formation, strategy development, organization, international positioning, marketing, (crisis) communication, stakeholder management, interdisciplinary project management as well as site and infrastructure development.

Today, Urs is an independent entrepreneur and member of the SwissBoardForum. From 2014 until the cancellation of the project by the Federal Council, he was in charge of the management of Flugplatz Dübendorf AG on a mandate basis as well as the project management for the conversion of the military airfield Dübendorf into a civil airfield with a federal base, which was originally envisaged by the federal government.

Consistent focus on customer needs, high demands on the quality of the services provided combined with trust-building employee management are the credo of the passionate alphorn player and member of a big band.