Extended #clearedtoland Crew

She was born flying: Her parents founded the family run flight school Hans Grade near Berlin the year she was born. By age 12 Anne had already logged more than 400 hours in a single engine airplane, by age 14 she piloted glider solo flights and she even obtained her private pilot license before her 18th birthday.

At age 19 Anne became Germany’s youngest flight instructor. She has held that vocation at her parents’ flight school ever since. Today she is the head of the entire private pilot training. Anne is also licensed in night visual flights, aerobatics and banner and aircraft towing. Her hobby of horseback-riding and working with horses led to her becoming certified as an equine specialist via the organization EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association). She’s currently also training to become a systemic therapist. Anne is mother to a daughter. 

Head of Private Pilot Training
Flight Instructor and Designated CEO Hans Grade Flight School
Trainer #clearedtoland

She’s a brain with lean organizational skills: Zurich-born Simone studied Psychology and Environmental Science at the University of Zurich and University of Hagen and added further education in General Management at the University of St. Gallen. She has worked in marketing for a biotech company in the United States of America and as a project manager for a Swedish telecommunications company. Next stop was the finance world where she was responsible for market research activities for the Swiss and Asia Pacific region. Ever since 2013, Simone has been working for Flughafen Zürich AG, as of 2019 as Head Customer Management & Research. Always looking for a new inspiration, Simone further trained to become a Lean Master in 2016 and a certified User Experience Professional in 2018. In her role as a Kaizen Master she helps evolve her current employer on continuous improvement and trains employees on process improvement strategies. Simone is founder and co-leader of the Swiss branch of a Philippines charity project, focusing on empowering of local employees.

Head of Market Research & Customer Relations
Kaizen Specialist
Trainer #clearedtoland

She has got kerosene in her blood and a very organized and versatile mind: Andrea’s career started at Zurich Airport, where she helped to build up charter airline Odette Airways (which eventually became Helvetic.com) from day one.

After a construction project in Germany she returned to Zurich Airport to work as project leader on major construction ventures such as Terminal 2 or a new VIP Lounge. In 2018, Andrea completed her Master of Advanced Studies in Business Administration. Never done with learning, she now is involved in ICT project management. 

Senior Project Leader
Content Manager #clearedtoland