Change Management

With tools from the cockpit, we support you and your company in the development of
a clear vision and a successful precision landing in the change process.

Are you confronted with unexpected or challenging changes in your professional environment to which you have to react at short notice?
You need to act and quickly adapt to the new situation with your team and/or organization? Do you need support and tools for efficient change management?
This can cause stress, and reactions vary greatly from person to person.
Pilots have been living this principle for a very long time. It is part of our DNA, so to speak, to always react flexibly to complex situations.


In today’s world, clear-cut and causal relationships are becoming less and less common, and the density of networking has increased explosively. This means that leaders and employees need to acquire various effective and purposeful methods and tools to successfully respond to this complexity and keep up with the pace of change.

This includes the skills of resilience, agility, intuition and improvisation.

For leadership and self-leadership, this means a new challenge that increasingly makes the leader an enabler rather than an all-knowing, and more about trusting employees rather than micromanaging. It is about creating meaning in an organization, or for a team and/or an individual, rather than just defining a pan-ready strategy.

Leadership and self-leadership always means a learning field and lifelong learning, in which one’s own leadership compass is continuously realigned.
Because only those who can lead themselves well can also lead others and thus successfully navigate the company and its employees through turbulent times.

In change projects, we have to “onboard” employees and all stakeholders, turn those affected into participants and take them on an exciting and meaningful journey.

To do this, we work with the metaphor of the True North Star, with agile tools, with change management models and, as pilots, of course with the tools from the cockpit.
In our workshops and keynotes and in coaching and consulting, we provide you with inspiring and immediately implementable tools to navigate effectively and successfully through the change project.


“True North Star” in combination with the question of the “Purpose” of the organization and/or team provides an attractive picture that focuses the actions of the entire organization/team in the same direction.

The image of the “True North Star”, the “North Star” for a vision can be found, for example, in Kaizen (Jap. kai “change, transformation”, zen “for the better”; “change for the better”).
The term Kaizen is used to describe a philosophy of life and work and, moreover, a methodological concept centered on the pursuit of continuous and infinite improvement. This may lead to overturning things that have been considered right for years, abandoning habits and learning and applying fundamentally new things.

Our offerings are designed very specifically for your Resilience/High Performance, Leadership/Self-Leadership and Empowerment for challenging times of change. They are designed to help individuals, teams and organizations navigate through turbulent times with greater strength.

As consultants with many years of experience in the business world and as coaches with a focus on

Resilience/High performance, leadership and change management / True North Star Journey, the two pilots Edith Tieber and Rahel Kindermann have many years of experience in accompanying change processes, both in companies and in the public sector.

Through the combination of many years of professional experience in the business world, the tools from the cockpit and our know-how as coaches and consultants, we work together with you in workshops, coaching and consulting to develop immediately implementable solutions in your current change management process.

Would you like to learn about immediately applicable tools for more successful handling of the current challenges in your company/organization?

Then contact us directly. We at #clearedtoland support you and your company/organization for the successful precision landing of your change process.

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“If you don’t know where you’re going, don’t be surprised if you end up somewhere else.”
Mark Twain