«We cannot direct the wind, but we can choose the runway.»

#clearedtoland in reference to Aristotle

Coaching by #clearedtoland – Be your own pilot in command  

As pilots we are used to adapt to new situations. By using our tools, models and our #clearedtoland success principle we enable you to be the pilot in command of your own life. 

Be it for individuals, teams or organizations: we support you in strengthening your many and varied competencies in order to choose the right runway in stormy winds. 

Our coachings empower you for the mindset «I am cleared to land».  As in aviation, difficult situations in our professional and private environment are our teachers.

Our result and solution-oriented coaching sessions serve to increase and maintain your ability to perform and act. Depending on the focus of the coaching, we also integrate the flight simulator.

Business Coaching

  • Dealing with Contradictions
  • Self-Leadership
  • Change Coaching
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Burnout Coaching

  • Stress & Resilience
  • Burnout
  • Comeback
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Compatibility Family & Work

  • Developing strategies
  • finding solutions
  • live better
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You are cleared to land with us!

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