Burnout Coaching Zurich

Stress & Resilience 

Everyone perceives stress individually. In stress coaching we identify your personal stress factors and stress patterns and work out together how you can deal with, defuse or even avoid them. 

Personal resilience is crucial when it comes to coping with stress. The bundle of competencies comprising of inner strength, mindfulness, flexibility and resilience can be trained. 

We help you to strengthen your resilience so that you will remain able to act also in turbulent times and do not lose the „focus on the horizon”.

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Burnout (fatigue depression)

More and more people are suffering from self-doubts, overload or mental problems due to constant availability, urge for perfection and permanent stress. Often, however, these signs are given too little attention or the symptoms are not mentioned. It is not uncommon for mental stress to be the preliminary stage of a burnout disease. 

Pull the emergency brake in time and learn how to find back to your personal inner balance and withstand the daily challenges and demands.  

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Back to work? 

Burnout, maternity or a career break – it is not always easy to return to the working environment. 

Our 8 core points of the #clearedtoland success principle offer valuable tools. 

The situation confronts us with a new challenge, which we will be happy to master with you and discover ways with you to optimally plan and return your professional comeback.

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