«Rahel Kindermann, #clearedtoland was highly professional as a consultant and played a key role in the development and implementation of our 360° corporate communications plan and the related practical solutions, which she delivered within the required very short timeline.»

Franz Walt, CEO, Quotient Limited

Your consulting agency in Zurich: As consultants and female pilots we offer tools from the cockpit for your company success

We are the unique crew of female pilots and aviation experts with a strong business background and experience in management, consulting, coaching, communication, change processes and continuous improvement.

The #clearedtoland crew consists of consultants, coaches, trainers and keynote speakers and provides practical and immediately applicable tools from the cockpit for your business success.

We gain a very good insight into the challenges of the respective companies and the dynamics within a team in detailed briefings or in our workshops with teams and individuals. 

This is where our coaching and consulting services come in: after the #clearedtoland workshops we offer an in-depth processing of the challenges addressed, e.g. in form of a longer collaboration and project support at your company.

We create added value for your company

be it

  • specifically for a project
  • within a change process or
  • as an interim solution for temporarily increasing your in-house capacity

We support individual employees or teams with our coaching and consulting services – be it selectively or as a long-term accompaniment.

We would be happy to discuss options with you

and develop a customized offer based on our main topics together:

  • Self-Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Dealing with Contradictions
  • Crisis Management
  • Communication 
  • Empowerment
  • Compatibility of family and work
  • Diversity
  • Comeback and change
  • Consultancy on focus topics such as continuous improvement/kaizen also possible upon request
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More focused and successful with the #clearedtoland consulting

Our consulting offer is based on our business background and our experience in management, consulting, coaching, communication, change and continuous improvement as well as our knowledge and tools as female pilots and the self-developed 8 core points of the #clearedtoland success principle.

These tools can be immediately implemented within companies:

  • Flight plan – good planning is more than half the battle (project management and realization)
  • Expect the unexpected – anticipate and train emergency situations (change management)
  • Checklist procedures – structured proceedings according to checklists and defined processes(process management)
  • Cleared to land – clear communication (corporate communication, internal and external communication)
  • Your control, my control – define responsibilities and interfaces
  • Focus on your horizon – focus on your goals, keep the heading, achieve your goals
  • Make a decision – better a critical decision than no decision
  • Debriefing – error culture and continuous improvement

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