High Performance / Resilience

High Performance is not about working 24/7. It is about forming the right High Performance routines and setting the right priorities to stay focused on what is really important and brings you and your company forward.
It is about protecting your well-being to remain capable to perform at a high level.

Protecting your well-being means to maintain a positive mindset and train our personal resilience. Being a high performer means to live a healthy and conscious life style including daily movement and choosing healthy nutrition. This makes you mentally and physically fit and gives you more energy and thus be able to perform and act.

In Edith Tieber’s experience as (helicopter) pilot, mompreneur, former manager and top athlete she knows the importance of keeping a positive mindset, being resilient and maintaining a healthy balance in life. And the good news are: you, your team and your company can learn it!
You can have everything just not at the same time.

We at #clearedtoland can provide the right tools to turn you and your company into High Performers.

Do you want to see results? Start today – take a step to create Your High Performance Routines.

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