«Susanne Siegenthaler is a power woman, who inspires with her Mental Training. It was very exciting to learn something from a different professional field and from a woman, who is a role model for women in the professional world.»

Participant Mental Training Workshop, 2022

Your Mental Training Keynote or Workshop –
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Make a Flight Plan:
As with True North Star and High Performance/Resilience, this journey also begins with the first step.

Mental training helps us to prepare well for challenging situations in our professional and private lives and to cope with them purposefully and successfully, or to grow from them. Super Puma pilot Susanne Siegenthaler reports from her everyday life as a military pilot and how she prepares herself for difficult situations, e.g. the – biennial and very demanding – „Sea Survival Training”.

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By asking ourselves what we want to achieve as a person, or as a team and/or organization, and by creating a clear picture of our goal, we increase our possibilities to achieve this goal immensely. The goal is also reflected in the various physical and mental dimensions and is anchored in these by means of helpful tools from the cockpit, including the #clearedtoland success principle. The focus is on the #clearedtoland core points “Expect the unexpected” and “Focus on your Horizon” and how a professional military pilot works with them concretely.

Depending on the customer’s wishes, this topic can be offered as a keynote or as a workshop. In the workshop, the topic area of mental training is supplemented with interactive exercises such as the own mental goal definition or visualization, so that the participants have the opportunity to apply the tools from the cockpit themselves for their individual issues and directly for themselves, successfully put into practice. This with the clear goal of becoming mentally stronger.
The keynote and the half or full day workshop can be booked in a constellation with other crew members, among others together with Edith Tieber.

Trust – your Keynote for the best possible performance as a team

Particularly in Susanne Siegenthaler’s everyday work as a military pilot, trust is the basis for success as a team in often very time-critical and challenging situations.
When working with team colleagues, this is one of the most important prerequisites for achieving top performance under extreme conditions.

Trust is the basis for good cooperation. A corporate culture based on trust enables employees to develop their full potential, learn new things, build up their own expertise and grow steadily on a personal level.
Susanne will use a lot of practical examples to give an insight into how the topic of trust is built up in her environment, lived in everyday working life and constantly consolidated, but also how difficulties are dealt with in this context.
We offer this topic as a keynote.

#clearedtoland will give you the right tools for your professional and/or private precision landing, or that of your team and/or your organization.

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