Cancel this, cancel that. In the current situation, several events where we would have performed and seminars for which we were booked have been cancelled or postponed to later. We are not alone. There seems to be no industry that is not affected by the coronavirus in any way.

We cannot change the current situation, as sorry as we are – for ourselves as a start-up – but also for our dedicated crew, our valued partners and our customers. But complaining is of no use to us now. But what helps is my favorite method from the coaching toolbox: REFRAMING.

Reframing means giving things a new frame. Specifically, I ask myself in reframing: What positive aspects can I gain from this difficult situation? The more consciously I approach a situation with a positive mindset and look at things in a new context, the more my frustration gives way and new energy is released. In our case we asked ourselves: How can we turn these cancellations into something good? We realized that we suddenly gained a lot of time because of the cancellations. Time that we can now invest in working on strategic issues and completing various outstanding and unfinished tasks.

It is therefore about training the ability to look at the meaning of events and difficult situations in a flexible way, to look at different solutions and thus to increase choice. This change of perspective prevents us from getting stuck in a negative spiral. Reframing is an effective method. Try it! And remember: “We cannot change the wind, but we can choose the runway accordingly” (in reference to Aristotle by #clearedtoland).