«Thank you much for the TRUE NORTH STAR JOURNEY in our keynote workshop at Hero Schweiz AG in March 2023! The hour with you was just great and has brought positive energy and very good motivation in the house. Keeping our eyes always on the True North Star and with a good flight plan, we are now embarking on our journey!»

Petra Ramseier, Executive Assistant / Internal Communication, Hero Schweiz AG

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Your True North Star Journey as a Company, as a Team and as a Person

In aviation, the course that points directly over the geographic meridian to the geographic North Pole is called True North/TN and is the basis for our flight planning as pilots.

Because of the interferences that can distract from the flight course – including the wind the heading almost always differs from the actual “TN course line”.


Our crew member Rahel Kindermann always had the personal True North Star of landing on a highway in Alaska with her airplane. Tools from the cockpit like the #clearedtoland Success Principle have helped to realize this vision.

By the way did you know that the flag of Alaska has 8 stars (as the #clearedtoland Success Principle has Corepoints) and the biggest one is the North Star.

Flag of Alaska

The image of the «North Star» for a vision can – among other things – be found in Kaizen (jap. kai “Change, Change”, zen “for the better”; “Change for the better”). Kaizen this describes both a philosophy of life and work as well as a methodological concept, at the center of which is the pursuit of continuous and infinite improvement.

As an entrepreneur, manager, consultant and Kaizen Master, our trainer knows that this is not just a methodological concept, but rather a philosophy of life and work, centered on the pursuit of continuous and infinite improvement.

Only constant engagement with the North Star and consistent alignment with it allows us to move in the direction of our Purpose, both professionally and privately.

The True North Star is thus a compass that successfully directs a team or a person to the vision to be achieved and supports them in becoming “the best self” as a team or as a person.

As a vision, the True North Star directs the focus of the activities of all acting persons and gives them a very clear direction in which all decisions are oriented.


True North Star is the point of reference where you, as a company and/or as a team, can align your actions in the organization at all levels and have a common focus on the horizon.

The aim is to do the things that bring the individual, or the team and/or the organization closer to the True North Star, to their vision in small steps and to also dare appropriate experiments or to encourage unusual ideas, activities and actions.

#clearedtoland offers keynotes, workshops, consulting and coaching in which our crew members Rahel Kindermann and Melissa «Missy» Lee work with companies, teams and individuals to develop their vision – their True North Star – and their purpose together.

To do this, we use tools from the cockpit, including the #clearedtoland success principle.

Missy Lee is located in the U.S. and will be available there for keynotes and workshops.

Melinda Missy Lee

Since 2022, we have also been offering a True North Star Leadership/Self-Leadership Coaching.

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