Workshop - be your own pilot 
in command

We intend to apply pilots’ routines in other occupational fields as well. Specifically, we want to navigate skillfully, keep our focus on the horizon in times of great challenges and land at our desired destination safely.

Based on the methodology of pilots our workshop participants learn how to apply smart planning, clear communication, thoughtful and effective self-leadership and extensive debriefing to analyze weaknesses and improve strenghts in their own professional environment. We place a strong focus on developing mental strength and self-empowerment in order to enable our participants to act with strong self-leadership skills, be target-oriented and efficient and to feel ready to face the daily challenges in their professional and private lives.

The workshop is complemented with two additional educational features from the world of aviation: All participants get a flight simulator training in a Boeing 777 (with instruction, on the same day) and can directly apply what they have learned. In addition, interested participants can book a flight training with an experienced flight instructor at the Airfield Birrfeld (optional, to be held at a date separate from the workshop) to have their first experience of “real” flying.

The workshop is based on the #clearedtoland success principle and can be modularly expanded upon and adapted according to customer needs. This workshop is also suitable for team or corporate events and can be booked as a group package.

Our next Workshop

Learning from Pilots for Leaders

Friday, November 13th, 2020 (in English) more information and registration