«We learned a lot about strengthening our team and us as individuals by using the #clearedtoland success principle.«

Lydia Naef, Head Property & Portfolio, Flughafen Zürich AG

Workshops in Zurich with flight experience in a simulator

The perfect location for seminars and team events in Zurich

Our workshops in Zurich are based on our knowledge and experiences as female pilots and the 8 core points of the #clearedtoland success principle, as well as our experience from the management and corporate environment. 

For your professional and personal precision landing you come to us or we come to you. We offer you our #clearedtoland seminars with an integrated training in a flight simulator in our homebase in the Aviator Lounge at the restaurant Runway 34 in Zurich-Glattbrugg. Perfectly suited for team events and workshops.

They can be modularly adapted and customized according to the customer’s needs.

For example:

  • handling unexpected situations
  • dealing with stress
  • training one’s own resilience 
  • facing changes – (personally, in the team or within the organization)

Our next #clearedtoland workshop in Zurich

Leadership & Management:
Learn From Female Pilots – navigate successfully through the crisis.

November, 13th, 2020
Duration 1 day, from 08:00 Uhr to 18:30
(concluding the day with a joint apéro)
max. 8 participants


What to expect in our workshop in Zurich with flight simulator

In our basic module you will learn how to make use of good planning, clear communication, thoughtful self-management and an in-depth debriefing in order to analyze weaknesses and optimize strengths within the professional or private environment. 

The focus is on self-empowerment, self-management, own mental strength and strengthening the confidence in your own skills. 

You can select a focus topic for the basic module that particularly causes turbulence in your company, that you would like to work on in-depth, respectively, e.g.:

  • Empowerment
  • Self-Leadership
  • Change and Communication
  • Team/Trust
  • Mental Training
  • If required also workshops on focus topics such as continuous improvement/kaizen, project management, crew resource management, just culture are possible

The aim of each workshop is to act in a more goal-oriented and focused manner within the professional and private environment and to emerge stronger from difficult situations. We inspire and empower the participants to the mindset „I am cleared to land“.

Two offers from the aviation practice complement the workshop: the participants gain an insight into the cockpit of a Boeing 777 or a Bell 407 during the flight simulator training (guided and on the same day) and will be challenged on specific topics based on the main topic of the workshop and can directly apply what they have learned.

We would be happy to find out more about your needs and create YOUR workshop, customized to your individual focus topics using our modules from our #clearedtoland success principle:

  • Flight plan – good planning is more than half the battle
  • Expect the unexpected – anticipate and train emergency situations
  • Checklist procedures – structured approach according to checklists and defined processes
  • Cleared to land – clear communication
  • Your control, my control – define responsibilities and interfaces
  • Focus on your horizon – keep the heading, focus on set goals, stay on track, achieve set goals
  • Make a decision – better a critical decision than no decision
  • Debriefing – error culture and continuous improvement

The length of the workshops can be chosen freely according to your needs. 

We recommend either half-day or full-day seminars. If you wish to shorten the proposed workshop length, we can offer you a workshop in the form of a keynote speech and practical exercises as a team, which can be implemented directly, for example.

Or you choose between one of our offered keynotes.

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