After each flight there is a debriefing. The pilot and his crew critically review the whole flight. They analyze what was good and what improvements can be made and consider optimizations for the next flight.

However, at times of the Corona virus, a debriefing is not only indicated for pilots. It is now crucial for many companies to critically review all cost drivers and processes as well as customer needs in order to be financially successful.

Innovation and automation are substantial levers for the success of a company. The gastronomy group Gustoso identified its largest cost drivers already before the pandemic struck. They established a system that forecasts the guest volume by means of artificial intelligence. As a result, Gustoso managed to save money by the frequency based deployment of resources.

In the aviation, to come back to this industry, customer needs have changed significantly since the outbreak of the pandemic. Air travel has become dependent on the worries of border closing and obligation of quarantine, respectively. One doesn’t want to commit too early and may book his travel without a flight in order to maintain flexibility. So if airlines are to regain passengers, they need to react on the modified needs and become more flexible. Nowadays, most airlines allow an easy and complimentary digital rebooking or a voucher for later bookings. However, free of charge or cheap cancellation of a booking is still not possible.

What exactly has an impact on profitability of your company or added value of your division? Or what do you need to change in order you achieve it, again? Which processes are essential and which can be left out because – in relation to expenses – there are not enough benefits? Is your customer potential truly exploited or are there customer groups that need to be addressed differently because their needs have modified?

Being a staff member it is important you ask yourself these questions, as well. It is the only way you can ensure your job stays relevant and you deliver ideas for modifications at an early stage. 

Even though innovation and automation play a central role for success: each industry, each company and each area of responsibility is different and has its own levers. Take your time like the pilots and create your own “continuous improvement loop” on the basis of the above questions. 

Ensure your company or field of work is on track (again). 

We wish you a lot of success and happy landings!

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